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Hi.  My partner is Egyptian, works for Emirates as crew and wants a UK tourist visa.  We know VFS is provider but can't get information on how long they need to leave passport during application process.  Due to work schedules anything more than a couple of days is close to impossible.

Can never get through to VFS helpline so hoping someone here may know the answer.  We tried for NL Shengen visa and it's minimum 15 days. 

Thanks all for any advice you can offer.


Tom, VFS doesnt required passport for visa. You should submit a copy of passport along with application. Once approved the visa they will notify you.

Thanks David.  That's great to know.  So when they grant the visa we just take the passport to them and they apply it to passport on same day?  We never actually have to leave the passport there?

nope, you should make an appointment and get it. Some cases issue a online visa and entry stamp required.

Wow thanks David, that's such good news.  We had a nightmare with shengen visa - Netherlands insisted on holding passport for at least 15 days and so it just wasn't possible to apply for the visa.  Since learned that Czech Republic has a two day passport return arrangement for Emirates crew but we wanted to go to Netherlands and Spain. May try Czech route and hope for a multiple entry All shengen outcome.

Interestingly, or confusingly, and agent has come back to me and said they will hold the original passport for 3 to 5 working days.  So now I'm really confused.  VFS website is no blooming help.  Grrrrrrr

I  have  just  applied  and  got  UK  visit  visa. It took  only four days.  I applied  on 18th and go it  on 22nd of  this  month  though it was mentioned  15  working days.

Nizar hi.  How long did they keep your passport for? The 4 days ?

yes  only  4 days.

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