Australian-American-Filipino Looking to make friends

Hi Everyone,

My name is James and I will be moving to Dhahran in August. My biggest fear about moving to Saudi is the feeling of isolation. I would love to start communicating with expats with hope that we can start a friendship before I even arrive in the KSA.

Soooooo....let me know if you want to be my friend (oh my god I can't believe I just wrote that).


Here's a wild, right outside the box idea ...

Get to know locals.

Yep, it's crazy, crackpot and I must be mad but you might just get a few nice surprises when the majority probably turn out to be nice people.

Well since this is an expat forum I figured I would address it to expats. Thanks for the sarcasm though!

Hi stranger,
I live in eastern province too. I know the feeling of loneliness that one gets after coming here. I am looking for some one to hang out on weekends. tennis, movie etc if you are interested please reply to this msg.
Also, It would be nice to know when are you planning to come here in KSA.
Thank you

@Fred Do you do theatricals?

Hello po mr.Jynson7,
         If you are here already in ksa,you can't have a problem of having friends,coz at your work you can find and meet a new friends there..then once you get and own a saudi simcard you will have much more people to meet...
Good luck po,

enginsaudi :

@Fred Do you do theatricals?

I was a DJ before I got old, fat, ugly and boring.
I have also been on radio in two countries, something about my voice being pretty good for that sort of work and my face being perfect for radio.

To the topic ...

Jynson7 :

Well since this is an expat forum I figured I would address it to expats. Thanks for the sarcasm though!

I've found hanging with expats makes you think of home, but hanging with locals makes your new place feel like home.

The sarcasm is free of charge :D

Hi there,

I've been living in Khobar for 10 years now and it's a great place to live depending on where you work 😉. August is probably not the best time to come though; too hot and too humid. Any way, drop me a message if u like once u r here. My name is Sam and I'm here with my family.

What made you think of moving here in ksa anyway?

Do not worry u will be happy 😄 in dahran 👍👍👍👌

Dhahran is the most modern area in KSA cause of Aramco and  Many foreign companies!
Dont worry you will addapt easily, people are friendly and there are many expat..

You can easily find the people who are easygoing and open minded..
Also you can go to Bahrain always to relax your mind, its only 45 min if not crowded. If crowded it will take maximum 2 and half hours (especially thursday evening 7pm to 10pm)

So dont worry! Life is good there in Dhahran..

Regards & Good Luck

Hi James

Don't worry about isolation, there's plenty more issues that will divert your attention.

Are you really sure about moving here? Think very's not to late to cancel.

Thanks for your response. I know Saudi is very different to what I'm use to but I think if i just keep an open mind i'll be okay.


Thank you so much for your response. It's good to read some positive feedback:)

I wanted a change of scenery, the ability to save a few $$ and gain new experiences in life.

Hi Sam,

I will certainly drop you a line once I arrive. Do you and your family live in the compound?

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