VinLong-Sadec Rental prices

Hi all ,

i am looking at the options of renting (then perhaps buying ) a small 2 bedroom house around the area of Cai Tau Hai . on the river opposite side to Road DT 854 . .

Somewhere 2-5Klms inland from the main hwy QL80 .

Does anyone have any coments /contacts i could follow up with  re what pricing should be fair etc .

Thank You

Type in " nha cho thue" and the area you want to rent. Its all in VN so you may need some help

Thats great Colin , yep ```I will need some help but that is  a start

Muchos  Amigo .

For buying try ...ban nha. I had a look at places are quite cheap, a nice small place will set you back about 50k usd.

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