I am from New Delhi, India
Me and my wife are both MS ENT with 2 yrs post PG experience
We have been allocated the riyadh region by MOH interviews held in May 2017.
The salary offered is around 2,76,000 INR to each of us.
I think it is a bit less but as a couple it would add up (2.76 lac+2.76 lac), so we have decide to take up the offer.


1. The HRA is 2800 SAR per annum : (i)Can we get  nice furnished accommodation within this much or how much should we expect to spend on the Housing (furnished house/flat)
(ii) should we start looking for accommodation right now or can we do it later
2. Do we need to appear for any other exam on arriving in Riyadh (as we have already been selected in MOH interview held in New Delhi)
3. Will I be getting an experience certificate at the end of the contract of one year?
4. My offer letter lists my job location as 'RIYADH' (and does not not specify it as 'riyadh region' or 'Riyadh City' : When/how will i know my exact hospital/location ?

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