Work visa processing time during Ramadan

It's been 3 weeks I done my medical check up. Anyone knows how long it takes to get work  Visa?
Is because of Ramadan visa becomes slow?

Work visa take 1 to 2 week but sometimes it takes more than a month and also depends on LMRA. And yes you are right it's Ramadan work process is slowly than normal days.

It doesn't depend on LMRA , LMRA > CIO > NPRA .

It get's stuck with NPRA always :D

My Investor visa took 1 day :D

My wife visa stuck in NPRA since Wednesday till now it's stuck there and time is almost finish

Many applications are stuck in NPRA.

It takes time in Ramadan.

Let's wait and see.

Dear all;
Thanks for reply and taking your time to suggest.
Anyone knows how to check application progress on LMRA website ?

You should have a application ID number if you have the go to LMRA website and open e-service there is an option of Application ID put there your ID number and check your status

So kind of you.

Employment Visa is in Progress...

Hi dear all;
above message is showing on website on my portal.

Any one has idea; how long is journey from here on to get Visa in hand?



It will depend, cannot give a exact time frame as EID holidays just got over there could be backlogs. Patience is the key

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