Transfer kids dependent pass from parent passport to individual one

Good day to you all,

I am an expat in Kuala Lumpur with and Employment Pass (EP) for the last 5 years.
I have 3 daughters and all of them are added to the mother's passport, which is endorsed with a dependent pass (DP).
I recently applied for a visa to visit another country for vacation, however, they required me to have individual passports for each one of my daughters.
The visa to that country is approved but has limited validity. So I am in a very tight situation here.
I've already applied for new passports for my kids and I will get them in 3 days.
After collecting my kids' passports I need to get DP for each one of them.

My questions are:
1- Do I need to apply for a complete (DP) applications for my kids, or I just need to apply for Transfer of Endorsement (TOE)?
2- How long will it take to get DPs on the new passports (in both cases, DP and TOE)?
3- What can I do to speed up the process?

Any inputs are highly appreciated.

I think its just the TOE as long as there is a decent length of time left on the DP.  The only way would be to go to the immigration office and queue up then collect probably next day. You would  need to take your wife's cancelled passport. It's Ramadan so at least immigration should be quieter.

Just one small point which may or may not apply - if children are attending school (age 6 yrs and above) they need a student visa.

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