...let's chat about life and teaching in Estonia :)

Hi there everyone - love chatting on the web not knowing who I will end up talking to!

Okay so I'm going to keep this simple and to the point to begin with:

I'm a 27 year old South African with a BA in Literature and a Postgraduate degree in Education. I have over one year of foreign language teaching experience with various nationalities and am currently in Vietnam teaching at a language center in Hanoi.

I have bee interested in Estonia as a possible next destination to teach for a year or two and was wondering if anyone out there could give me a break down on the current demand/market. I have read some of the other threads but want to know what experiences members of this forum think of my chances with my current qualifications. Also, is it really not possible to get replies out of places - does one literally have to take a financial risk and just fly there in order to investigate job opportunities?

Thanks a million! :)

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