Places to visit in Saigon


For the ones living in Saigon, what would you suggest to discover the region?

When you have friends or family visiting you, where do you go with them? What are the must-see places in Saigon, the tourist sites?

How to visit the region in an original way? Any unusual or unknown place to recommend?

What would you suggest for a couple of days of for a week of holidays in Saigon?

Thank you in advance for participating ;)

Tran Thanh


although i dont live in Saigon, I can recommend the following places to see ;  :)

1. Independence palace - cheap entrance fee, must see if visiting Vietnam
2. War Remnants Museum - history of the Vietnam war.
3. Cu Chi Tunnels - More war history, but in the jungle.
4. Saigon  Notre-Dame Basilica - Iconic cathedral in this area, worth a see.
5. Ben Than Market - if you like to haggle for items this is the place for you.
6. Bitexco Financial Tower. visit the restaurant on the 51st floor to get a view of Saigon.
7. Pham Ngu Lao street. Backpackers area and a large nice park here with tall trees.
8. Post Office - literally next to Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica. Nice building.
9. Saigon Zoo. Lots of animals to see here.
10. Gia Long Palace. Vietnamese Museum worth seeing
11. China Town. A nice temple in this area worth seeing too.
12. Museum of Traditional Vietnamese medicine. A nice building with several floors to see.

Hope this helps  ;)


Museum of fine arts
Antique street.
Book street
Rainbow Bridge ( Eiffel)
Walking street..visit in the evening....statue of the man himself Ho Chi Minh along with the People's committee Building to his rear....
Opera house...just off Walking street
Cholon market in Chinatown is a more for locals than tourists.Chinatown has a number of temples that are worth a look.....I can think of 3
Mariamman Hindu Temple...very colourful.
Park at the rear of the Reunification Palace....not so many tourists ,more locals
All locations are walkable from the city center except Chi Chi Tunnels and Chnatown....
You can get a local bus number 001 from Ben Thanh Market ( city center)to Cholon ( Chinatown) cost 5000 dong(peanuts) .The bus stops at Cholon bus station,same place to get the bus back to the city center
Max stay 5 or perhaps 6 days

Thank you very much  :tim:  :tim:

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