My name Stan Elliott My wife and I are planing to move to La Mulata 2 in a few weeks but have concerns about Police corruption and crime ,Is it safe to live in our new area can anyone put some light on this, Is there any security  in this neighborhood?

Corruption will not often touch you directly. If it does its a police shakedown keep speaking english and do not understand what they say, they will get frustrated.

Crime is an issue everywhere in the world. Live below the radar do not flash. Be careful who you let in your home and in your life.

Why La Mulatta? There are not many expats in that area and there will always be a reason for that.

from what I know there are a lot of expats in that area of La Mulatta 2

First welcome. Second I need to ask have you been here before and explored the area (both mulata as well as other areas)????

la Mulata is not the most safe area you could have picked.  Are you going to be in a security area? If not I would consider hiring security.   Many if not most of the expats in that area are German. It is not one area but a collection of neighborhoods as well as lots of free standing homes. Are you buying or renting????

Corruption is all over you just need to learn how to deal with it and planner has given you a good start

Again welcome.  BTW we live in Sosua and have been here for 11 years.

Bob K

We are buying in La Mulata 2

Have you been here before?

Bob K

You are buying and don't know much about your neighborhood???

Bob K

Yes last year we were there on vacation and home shoping

Wow. This is the reason we suggest renting before buying. Then you would KNOW about the area!

I see you got similar, but many were stronger, comments on your move/purchase on Face Book..  I wish you a lot of luck and do hope it works out for  you.

Bob K

Please keep us posted on your experience.

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