How to get a motorcycle licence

I'm planning on purchasing a motorcycle as soon as my work visa is cleared in a couple weeks.

I've read the guides about getting a drivers licence, so I'm familiar with what I'll have to do. I have a valid FL driver's licence, but not motorcycle. I'd go back and get my endorsement there, but FL requires a 16 hr course over 4 days and I can't do that. I have a couple questions.

1. Can I get my motorcycle licence at the same time as my drivers licence?
2. What is the test like? Computer test with multiple choice? What is the riding test like?
3. You are supposed to have the bike there for the test, how do I get it there since I don't have a licence now? Just ride it there and hope you don't get stopped on the way?
4. Are there services to help make the process smoother?
5. Will the dealer sell me a bike without a motorcycle licence?


And is the test only in Spanish?

A friend went through the process of getting a motorcycle license a couple years ago. He had to go to classes and pass a written test, not difficult but all in Spanish. Then he took a road test. Unfortunately he doesn't have a search feature on his blog and I'm not going through a million posts to find the story, but it's in there somewhere.

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