Visa stuck in GDNPRA (NPRA)

Hello friends,
My sponsor applied visa for my wife and it is still on NPRA when I saw the status he applied on Tuesday from that day to today Friday it is still there, will it move to Employer today or tomorrow which are not working days or it will move within LMRA working hours? Where I heard that family visa hardly takes 2 days to release.

Is no one here to reply???

Ramadan ,

So things get a bit slow .
It all depends on NPRA to approve your visa .

Let's hope it gets approved soon .

Thanks, gunner757. Could status move to Employer when it's not working hours? Or it will move within working hours?

It'll only move if NPRA clears the application, working hours only.

This may take long, better to wait and have patience.

Thanks again dear,  :)

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