Lavoro / trasferimento

Hi all I'm a Sicilian boy I graduated 15 years ago at Catania University of Medicine and Surgery I'm a physiotherapist and I want to move to Saudi Arabia, willing to take other work experience .... thanks to everyone

I am not sure if any one can help you here , the first thing you need to do is apply to jobs published online , mainly stating that you are an overseas candidate ( since mostly employers assume that candidates are inside KSA ) , then only if you have been granted a job , your employer can start the application for you to get your Visa

You can try Bayt dot come , or Linkedin , but again , you always need to make sure that your an overseas candidate

I am here for any other Questions

Concur, my opportunity to work here in Jeddah was found on Linkedin, after four years in KSA I still maintain an active, and updated account. The most import element of Linkedin is to maintain a solid “live” network. There are other sites out there that are actively searching for employees to work here in the region, as well as other parts of the world.

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