Safe, kids-friendly area

Hi all

We are concidering to move to HCMC and try to figure out where to live. We want to rent a house or flat, but dont know in witch area to look. Its important that its a safe and children-friendly area.

Can anyone come with some recommendations?

Thanks :)


I can only recommend on a personal basis District 7 and Sunrise city apartments, they are child friendly, with safe play areas, swimming pools and in general safe to live with easy access to Supermarket (Lotte Mart) and restaurants...


With a kid-friendly  environment, you may want to take a look at an apartment in a compound. otherwise, you need to design the house a bit.

It's kind of hard to recommend without knowing your budget, your preferable area (like close to your work or close to the expat community). If you have those information in mind, it would be much easier to find a place.

Wish you luck. Jasmine


Dist 2, binh thanh district and Dist 7 are the place where most expats live.  Avoid placed near bui vien as it's backpackers area.

It is a big city with traffic. Where you will be working? What school are the kids going to?

There are children living safely everywhere in the city. You don't need to hide in an expat compound to shield them.

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