English speaking classes

Hello! I'm looking for an English speaker for the 8 year old daughter. The girl is in the third grade of the British school. Varna.

Please search/post in the CLASSIFIEDS section of the site.  Ads are not welcomed on the forums.

Expat.com Experts Team

What do you mean by the British school in Varna?

There is no "British school" in Varna. Unless you mean English Academy which is a private language school owned by a British person.  English lessons are taught by qualified native English speaker teachers.  Or do you mean some other school?


I am Kasia , I am law student from Poland and I am in Varna as an Erasmus student for 4 months. I can speak with children in English and teach them basic grammar lessons. If you are interested in my offer please write me on my email : Katarzynabujalski[at]gmail.com

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