King Abdullah Economic City - Any one from there?

I will be relocating this year to KAEC and was wondering if there is anyone else living there currently? Wanted to gather your thoughts on the city and the ease of getting from there to Makkah and Jeddah via bus or taxi etc.

Any updates on the haramain rail road? From what I read online, there will be a stop in KAEC to Makkah, Jeddah and Medina...

Hi.. as far as i know, the railroad launch was delayed until mid of 2018.. however, the city is nice and the lifestyle there is different from jeddah

I've been to KAEC as I did a Relocation Project for few expats there , lemme know what are your queries .

Thank you for the information :)

Thank you @gunner757
Here are my questions

1. What is transportation like? Since the railway keeps getting delayed, how easy is it to get to Jeddah or Makkah on a weekly or even daily basis? Is it just ubers/taxis?

2. Are there any Arabic schools/programs in KAEC that I can attend  to learn the language? All my searches only show Jeddah locations.

3. Are there any gyms or work out locations for women? I read online that a fitness center is in the works.. but not sure if it is completed.

4. Does the city have a lot of family events on the weekends?

5. Does the city itself have a lot of people from various countries? - wondering about the diversity

thank you soo much!

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