Looking for buying a house in sofia

Hi please if somebody can help me I am going to live definaitly in sofia with my children 21 and 16 years and I don't want to buy a expensive house it could be also 20 min far away from sofia.where  can I find a serious agent or agency  to buying without any risk??

You could try mirela. They found my apartment. Helpful and honest.

Thanks learningpaths,I have already heard about mirella.ok I'll contact them.
How much there fee if you know?

To buy, it's 3% of the property price. They handle all the paperwork for you.

What is your budget? What you looking for house/garden and garage or flat etc

Hi kosarca thanks for reply,my budget is about 30-and maximum 40 not more house with garden and a park place, If u have some solutions it I'll be helpful for me.

Ok going to be frank with you but with that budget you will not find anything as 20 minutes out of Sofia houses are €250,000 plus plus in your price range you will be looking 45 minutes plus of Sofia in any direction.
Just for example 2 bed flat near business park(mlados 4) a you are looking at €150.000

But you could try Stefan at Bulgarian properties he will help you. 

Good luck with your search
Get in touch if need any more help

Did you find your house , i am looking for the same

Not an easy task but possible. Especially if a bit more distance is added.

Also you'll need to have some renovation budget, For this amount it is definately not going to be a brand new house, but will have a decent yard.

It is always a good idea to spend some time in Bulgaria and take a look aroud, search the surrounding villages. Spring is a the best time for this - April/May/June - perfect climate!!!

Hi Kristian thanks for your interest but I have already contacted some agencies but it is impossible they are not professional and try again and again I think i have to leave this idea😡for exemple bulgarian properties and others are full of properties on sale from € 10000 and obviously I know with small amount I can not find a perfect house but this is just a small investment nothing else.I had called but they are not interested to work with small budget and this is sad.

Change the agency. If the agencies that you have contacted so far can't do the job - find another one. If they don't want to do it - again the same procedure. That is exactly why I wrote that coming to Bulgaria for a short trip is a good idea.

By the way, some real estate agencies will deliberately list low priced properties, that actually do not exist or are not at this price just to lure in and persuade you for a higher priced buy.

Have you seen this property ?

thanks Kristian for your help please  can you sugges me any other normal agency if you know?bulgarian properties or mirella I have already contacted.

Hi christinefritz ,
I donto know about this but is it not a UK website just for UK? is it credible?anyway I can check this thanks a lot😊

Hi it's for everyone... not just the UK

I know several good agencies. Will check which of these is interested in this deal. Are you looking only in presently available property or can wait them to search for suitable places ??

Send me your requirements on PM.

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