For Sale!

We are preparing to move out of the area unfortunately and I  came upon this website. I defiantly want to use it for this summer to meet others. But here are some items we are getting rid of now.

For Sale, Beginning to sell items in preparation for upcoming move. Located near Ferney Voltaire. PM for more information. (french appliances) Home Telephone 15 Euro. White Folding Shelf 20 Euro, White Folding Shelf (corner) 15 Euro. Standing Lamp 15 Euro. Hair Straighter/ Flat Iron 15 Euro. Wine Rack 5 Euro. 

Message me for Pictures because i do not know how to post them yet!

Please use the CLASSIFIEDS section for selling your items.  Advertising is not permitted on the forums please.  Please review the Switzerland Forum Code of Conduct for more information.

Romaniac Experts Team

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