Processing time (Return a lease car)

Hi there,

I will go for final exit. However, my company cannot issue an exit visa since I have vehicle registration under my name. Upon checking Absheer, I have no records yet in the vehicle registration (istimara), it is clear that the car is really registered under my name.

Tried to find persons to transfer the car, I have found three. The problem is Abdulatif Jameel requires a certain salary certificate form from the company. The companies of these persons do not want to adapt the said form given by Abdulatif JAmeel. The personnel did not accept the salary certificate that I have presented.

Since I am running out of time, I just returned the car. Prior to that, they checked the car, paid the damages fee (because there are paint damages); and also certain amount which I believe the residual value of the car. It is costly, however, my priority is to secure an exit visa.

I have returned the car 2 days ago. My question is, the processing time of the removal of my name in the vehicle registration once you have returned the car. Do you have similar experience on this? Kindly give me a feedback..

Im also puzzled that the personnel in Abdulatif Jameel did not ask for any document for me like copy of driver's license, iqama.. Kindly share if you have similar experience.


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