Immigration lawyers in athens

Just moved to Athens and married to a Greek citizen.
Wanted to work with a reputable lawyer to obtain  permanent residency.
Does any one know a reputable lawyer in Athens that has experience with North Americans?

Hi did you marry in Greece with a marraige visa?You may seek advice on...InterNations..Canadian Community, Uniting Canadians living in Greece..its like a forum by way of informing and helping each other on line.You will see specialist lawyers on line in Athens for immigration issues.Or seek advise from the Canadian Embassy in Athens or go to your nearest KEP office,thats like a citizens advice office,they now do lots of things that the councils used to do only less painful and quicker,they will advise you.Lawyers require lots of money,try elsewhere first.

Thank you
Wonderful advice
Yes we were married in Greece. So we will take your advice and go to the local KEP.
Truly appreciate it


Hi again Ali,I have a neighbor who is Canadian,been here 36 years or so,married to a Greek with a child together,she used to have to renew a paper every year but then she applied for a British passport through her Scottish-Irish parents who had emigrated to Canada,so she was then EU but now of course with possible Brexit she says she may have to revert back to renewing a paper every year.I think its great for UK to leave but not great for expats,its a very worrying time as to what will happen to them and not good to have to wait while they make a complete fiasco of the whole thing.

Hello there,
Try Ioannis Valmas, you can find him at
He is a great fella, he has lived abroad and has a very high ethical and professional standard. I have used him on a few ocassions.

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