The best things to discover in Romania

Hello everyone,

What have you discovered in Romania that you would recommend to other expats?

Are there any places that you enjoy visiting on the weekends, be it areas of natural beauty or shopping malls? Are there any Romanian dishes that you would recommend?

What are some of the best activities in Romania?

Are there any unique customs or places you were introduced to by locals that you think other expats might be interested in? Are there any local festivals that expats might want to get involved with?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Yearly  Romania became more interesting for travel for touristic purpose. In all green spaces, parks, arenas, are spectacles  of theaters and song festivals. Unfortunately, I am interested in technology, not in nature or entertainment. All the best.

The Transfagaras Highway is top of my must do list for visitors plus the open air Ethnographical Museum in Sibiu. Sighisoara is great for a couple of days away. The New York American Restaurant, Sibiu is by far the best we've eaten at so far as we're not fans of most Romanian cuisine. Crama Subiul Vechi is worth a look, excellent underground taverna with well cooked food & fantastic desserts plus live  traditional music if you're lucky.

The bottled water in Romania I'd say is arguably some of the best and cheapest in the world.

I liked a lot Thermes and also sometimes I go dance in some clubes: Spice and Rio clube.

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