The best things to discover in Algeria

Hello everyone,

What have you discovered in Algeria that you would recommend to other expats?

Are there any places that you enjoy visiting on the weekends, be it areas of natural beauty or shopping malls? Are there any Algerian dishes that you would recommend?

What are some of the best activities in Algeria?

Are there any unique customs or places you were introduced to by locals that you think other expats might be interested in? Are there any local festivals that expats might want to get involved with?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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hello you are so welcom in algeria,sure thare are al ot of  capativating areas in algeria are recomanded to vist, it depends on the city you intend to visit, algeria is a huge countryn each city has its own of beaty aspects as well as its  special dishes the famous dish in algeria is couscous, besides that   peopel are kind, welcoming  if you need any help  or any extra information do not hesitate to contact me

Algeria is a great place , people are friendly and things are cheep there. I've been to Algiers but I prefer the Kayble region more. People seem to be less judgemental there on some things.

Driving is a nightmare there and in some places there are no traffic lights working. It can be a headache if you're not with someone from there. Over all, I would still live there even with the pot holes that are gateways to the underworld. Lol

Algeria is my second home, to those from there reading this.....stop littering and pick up the trash. Seriously,  you have a hidden jem but it's hard to bring people there knowing the trash is all over the place.

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