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Hi there, My family and I recently relocated to Brooklyn from London and we are finding it tough to navigate the US healthcare system. I am looking for what we would have called a GP practice in the UK: a healthcare center where you can make an appointment if you have a sore throat or need your blood pressure checked. You would also get your flu vaccines and general health assessments done there. If there is something more serious or complex going on, they will refer you on to a specialist at hospital. How do Primary Care Physicians generally work? I went to see one who was highly rated by my health insurance review site but she was not helpful or remotely professional in her treatment of me and I'm feeling a bit lost within the system. Ideally I would like to find a group practice of primary care physicians that functions in a similar way to my daughter's pediatrician office: a group of doctors and nurses who will see you whenever you need and do in-house testing and treatment for basic ailments. Does that exist in NYC? Could you advise me how and where to look?  Many thanks in advance

The NHS is set up as a free service for UK citizens so you might well have trouble getting on a doctor's list.

Look up BUPA

Talk to your neighbors and co workers and see who they use

Bob K

Look for urgent care clinics; often they are located in drug stores such as Walgreens, CVS, ... They charge around 50-75 per visit. Or ask at the nearest pharmacy which is often in a grocery store.

My neighbors helped me to find a good doctor. It can be really tough to figure out the system. I found a blog that helped me navigate the system. I came on a J-1 visa, but it might help you too. Find the blog here.

I hope you can find good care.

if only you moved to florida it takes a bit of time to find a good primary dr i would start asking around people you work with my husband has on going health issues on a weekly basis i have found a lovely dr she takes care of me my husband and two teenagers very  good  this does cost us $1410 a month but gives us piece of mind that we can rely on the healthcare

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