First visit to Bulgaria

Well flights are booked and arrive in Sophia in the wee hours of Saturday. Have a few days to explore and look at some properties this is sure one adventure. Pick up the currency in the morning then get everything ready for Fridays departure.

Plezier, I hope that your will have a goog time in our capital! You should definitely go to the local clubs.

Head straight for Varna.

Thank you for the comments. Hotel is now arranged and it's in Ruse as am meeting some people there. Spending a couple of nights in Sofia and hope to see VT and possibly Varna. Will have to see how time goes.

Well am back at the house in England now, flew back in last night (friday) and now we have to get a move on as we have a rented property in Ruse from July 1st. Had a very good and informative trip and met some wonderful people and the odd nutcase!!!

Took loads of photos and wll be viewing more properties with the aim to purchase one in July. Got a Bulgarian bank account and solicitor so things are moving forwards.

Had a very enlightening and enjoyable visit and looking forwards to returning.

Ahhhh well if these stupid prices fro removals continue then we will be arriving with just what we can carry in the cases. So far two firms have quoted over £8,000 to move the huse hold contents.

At that rate it will be cheaper to have a big bonfire and burn the lot and buy brand new high end stuff for the house in Bulgaria.

Hi, if you are getting quotes from UK companies, yes they are expensive.  We ended up filling our estate car with as much as possible and slowly buying or making our own.  However, there are alot of Bulgarian based people who regularly travel between here and the uk. I have copied this for you:
"If you are seeking to hire Goods Transport, Man + Van, UK to BG courier etc.
It's a REALLY good idea to do some research on the person or company in question BEFORE parting with your hard earned cash. There are some dodgy people out there who may collect your Goods and Run, take your CASH and not even turn up at all or operating their "service" without the necessary documentation and insurance that you'd expect.
try other FB groups.
eg. Feedback BG for Buyers Sellers Swaps
eg. LivingInBulgaria
eg. Friends of Bulgaria
to ensure you receive impartial advice and recommendations on transport companies available"

Guess it depends on how much you want to bring over.  No need to bring the kitchen sink :)

Hope this helps


That sounds like a lot! I paid 900 pounds to have my stuff moved from  South-East England to Sofia, this was about 3.5 years ago.. Can't remember exactly how much m3 but it was about 15 medium boxes and three pieces of furniture.. Okay, it was all very chaotic and last minute because they could not give me a time and day except for 'within the next three days', called me a few hours before they came, and I had to find a place where a massive lorry could park, which was basically nowhere.. But, in the end it worked out well, nothing broken or missing.. I could give you details of the company if you like but they may have increased their prices now, I don't know.  Last year I asked for transport from South Germany to Sofia (2 m3) and it cost 400 euro's.. Alternatively, if you can drive... It is probably cheaper to buy a transporter in England and sell it here.. Good luck :-)

Well we have a bit more stuff than a few boxes. Heck I have about a dozen boxes of books packed. They have been packed since last year when the house sale fell through. It certainly won't fit ina 3.5t van and would need a bit larger like a 7.5 ton truck.. As we will not have a residence in the UK anymore everything that we would like to keep has to come including the garden stuff and my workshop tools.

As mother cannot walk very far, for distance she needs a wheel chair or the electric scooter thingy, there is no way she could get up into a truck cab so that is a non starter. Sitting in a car for 3-4 days would cripple her plus with other complications that is also a non starter hence why she is going to have to fly.

We are looking at the various options and am awaiting some more quotes and information to come in over the next few days.

Maybe you can see if there are other forum members who are currently embarking on a drive over, they may have space to assist once you go over the 3.5 ton van you  incur higher fee's? There was a man who advertised transportation on here it will be an old post but you may be able to trace it?
I inquired years ago into this subject, a few forum members in Bulgaria where able to offer a few companies, it can be quite limited looking on the internet, sometimes word of mouth is still the best option?
Anyhow just a quick suggestion, good luck with it all?
Cheers Steve.

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We have sorted removals now. Seems everyone has few posessions as everybody but us seem to be able to fit it in/on a 3.5 ton van. No way would ours fit in one unless it was a tardis. We have a 7.5 tonner coming and are busy trying to sort stuff out and pack. I hate packing by the way.

I have no idea what you one about really. We are not returning to France in fact after our experience of tryign to deal with the French we have no desire to have anything to do with them now and have not been to France for well over a decade. It is possible that some time this year I might drive through France but will spend as little as possible that is if I have to spend any money at all in the country.

I think somebody was getting confused, as your introduction about yourself states " moving to France to fulfill Mothers dream "

Ahhhh have corrected that after we discovered that the French don't want poor English pensioners.

Anyway we have found the house and made an offer which has been accepted so now it's wait for thelegal stuff to be checked through.

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