Driving from Scotland to Malta

Hi, I am moving to Malta in late September or early October. I am not sure of the best route to take.

1. Scotland to Newcastle and ferry to Holland and travel down Germany and Italy and then over Sicily and ferry to Malta.

2. Drive down to Dover and Channel Tunnel to France and drive down France then into Italy and then down Sicily and ferry over to Malta. 

I am in no real rush quite happy to take 10 - 14 days to do it.

Any advice would be helpful.

Hi, I did the drive from Essex to Malta earlier this year, did tunnel (£80) drove through France under mount Blanc tunnel (  40 euros) then through Italy to Genoa  then ferry to Sicily  ( google ferries direct), across Sicily then hydrofoil  to Malta ( again booked through  ferries  direct, cheaper), took about 11 days. Good luck

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