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My name is Daniela
I would like to have information on the work that concerns the nursing sector and I would go to India but before I go I would also like to consider that soon I will have a tourist visa for the tourist trip so I would like an opportunity To clarify my ideas if there is a possibility Or not and what I can expect is 46 and I'm Italian if anyone can help me I would be really happy and thank you in advance

Depends on the job offer you will get. But I have heard that you can get the work visa only if you have high $$$$ salary. And other things will depend on the city in which you wud like to work !!

Thank you for your help

Hello Daniela,

Do you have any specific city in mind to move ? Also, you looking for some volunteer work or what and if not then what's the minimum salary you expecting ? Please, let me know the more details information and i will try to help you :)

I am Naif,

Any one know Ayurwedic Medical in New Delhi

Please inform to me

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