How to make friends in Ouagadougou

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals or expatriates) when you're living in Ouagadougou :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Ouagadougou??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Hi there,
My opinion is that here in Ouagadougou we are really opened people and ready to share friendship with other.. So you just need to reach one of the hot places of this wonderful town to find new friends.

Hi there,

I am new to ouagadougou but it will nice to meet people here and have friends. To know the places that can be visited


i live in bobo, (i profit to forum to improve my english)
the good friend in burkina faso dont ask some money, and will pay his meal after a party... thank

floriane. i am here since one month ago so write me a message inbox.


Salut Floriane;

Comment vas tu?

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Hi freedos,

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I am moving with my wife and 2kids to Ouagadougou in September this year and i would like to meet preferably people with family or couples too. Any tips?

I wish I know how to make friends here; i have been here since 2months now and life is lonely and boring for me; no friends and no

Hey People! Greeting to y'all! Am adhi from India living in Ouaga. Get in touch with me its good to be social hence here i am :). Making my attempts. email me : successrhymes[at]

hello my name is nico am also in ouagadogou we can meet and chat this my email or add me on fb jack guuci

Hi my name is Nicholas am also in the same thing here in Ouagadougou we can meet and chat more email me please

hope we can link up and chat more my name is jojo am in Ouagadougou

i need a friend in Ouagadougou please link up people

Hi Adhi

I am amit coming to Oua in Nov . Is it possible to get link with Indian people residing at Ouagadougou.


Amit Jain

Any New Zealanders in BF, does anyone know?

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