Campervan Insurance

Hi all, I imported a VW campervan. Any steers on the most appropriate insurance company please? By appropriate I mean starting with  cheap then work back from there  :)

We had a american RV motorhome but no insurance company we contacted was interested, some didnt even understand what it was.
Some were willing to insure it as a van ( at an exorbitant price) but in the end we used our UK address and kept it on a secure site in Sicily.


OK cool thanks. This is a lot smaller. VW Transporter 1.9D so I'm hoping they go gentle :)

Hi there-I am thinking of bringing a vw camper to Malta-have you had any luck with insurance??

Not yet, just word of warning, get it in writing from Transport Malta that your vehicle is going to be eligible for the exemption of vehicle import tax. I refuse to change the insurance and tax here till that mess is sorted out.

I think you get exemption if you have owned it for 2 or more years.

Exactly - application rejected! Buyer Beware!!!!!

Hi. any luck with camper insurance? I'm bringing VW T5 camper to Malta in June....

Where from? I came over on AXA Irish anywhere in EU unlimited kms insurance

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