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Hope that you're doing well upon reading this message. I just want to ask a question. Visa is under a 2 years contract however the vacation is in a yearly basis. For some reasons, if a certain employee under those terms will not come back in oman after the vacation what would be the grounds or possible penalties or issues that will arise for such action?

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Hi socrates mark s. nagsuban,

What you have described can broadly be classified as 'absconding'. Since this is an illegal activity, the repercussions of such an unlawful action could range between a temporary ban to more serious consequences.

If the employer / sponsor wants to trouble the 'absconder', then they can press false charges against the absconding employee and this could mean a lot of trouble, if the employee were to ever return - either to the Sultanate, or elsewhere within the GCC.

It is better to exit in peace, after completing all the required formalities, as needed.

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