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Namaste all,
I am Nepali citizen but living in Latvia (EU) for 5 years. I have Temporary Residence permit (TRP) and hoping to get PERMANANT (PR) this year if not certainly next year. I am married with Latvian citizen.
I am running a company here but I want to move Switzerland as I have good friends there and planning to start a business (company) there too.
As I have TRP now,
I have Swiss friend who is ready to be partner,
in this case,
is it possible to open a company in Switzerland easily?
Any specific minimum investment?
What are the documentation and process for me to register company? (I am asking my personal documents that Swiss GVT accepts me as investor) I am in contact with Auditor regarding local documents)
As my wife is doctor (An esthetician) she is ready to work as Doctor.
As her certificates are recognized and accepted easily? (She is EU/Latvian citizen)
What would be easier, and quicker for me ?
If she starts to work and she invites me or,
I start my business with my Swiss friend/partner first?
Thanking in advance.

Hi Himal Sharma,

Welcome to :)

How are both of your German? If you plan to move to Switzerland and especially for your wife to practice she will need to know the language.

Expert Team

She is learning French but I already speak.
We plan to move in French part (Lausanne, Neuchatel, Geneva etc).

i feel opening a com is not so difficult..  you can surely start a Company GmbH which Needs Minimum 20 K CHF
however to get a strongness to you case.. it is good start some Hotel or Restaurant..

are you planning to invest. just give some idea, how much you are planning , accordingly i can sugguest some Project.

Puran adhikari

Register your own business at and take from there

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