Relocating to Oman - Advise on Logistics (Schools,Housing, Visa etc)

Hello Everyone,

We are a family of 4 currently settled in USA & in the process of accepting an offer / planning our relocatiion to Oman through the summers before the next school year starts in Aug 2017.

Your advise will be highly appreciated for the following :

1- Schools : Does anyone has a first hand experience of the new AGS (A'soud Global School). Our kids are 10 & 5 years (4th Grade & Kindergarten). AGS & ISC (International School of Choueifat) have current openings. AGS is a new school, so wondering if anyone knows first hand how is the environment , faculty , facilities etc. The other schools I have reached out to have waiting lists.

2- Visa : How long does it take for the work visa / permit. Would my company do the work visa & the associated visa for my family or do I need to file for the visa of my family once my work permit is granted?

3- Is there natural gas in some parts of muscat  or gas cylinders are the only norm? Is electric stoves common?

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Hi Khurram_1,

If you would go through the wide array of topics pertaining to the topic of 'moving to Oman', which have already been discussed here in the forum, you would gather a wealth of valuable information, even prior to your arrival.

Employment Visa is issued to a company only if the company has the required 'labour clearance' in place. To get the labour clearance, the company must comply and meet with a spectrum of requirements. Only if the company successfully meets with the requirements would they be given a labour clearance, with which a new employment visa can be applied to be able to appoint an expatriate. This is the procedure.

If a company has met with all the requirements, then it is a matter of a mere working week at the most to have the employment visa issued. If any of the requirements are not met, then no one can say how long the delay would be.

In Oman, all official dealing would have to be routed  through the employer / company / sponsor only. No expatriate would even be entertained directly in any of the government establishments.

For kitchen usage, only gas cylinders are used. All over the Sultanate. Without exceptions. Hot plates / electric stoves are used more as a contingency option. And that too very sparsely.

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