About work contract for non-EU people (ERTO?)

Hello all,

I am about to sign a work contract (fixed term: 11 months) with the place I've been volunteering for. On the contract it says everything (exit clause, insurance... etc) is according to the requirements of ERTO.

ERTO is Federation of Special Service and Clerical Employees, but I can't find their criteria in English. My organization is quite small and they haven't employed non-EU people before, if not foreigners.

I found this pdf, I don't know if it's the right one or still valid: … _final.pdf

Do you have any experience with ERTO? Did you have anyone in your work place explain or your work contract and your rights as a non EU person?

Can non EU people use state owned health facilities if they're working on a fixed term contract? (I have been here for 1 year on an international volunteer work program, and I can't go to state owned hospitals)

The document I gave link to above says exit clause is 14 days for contracts less than a year. Is this information still valid?

Please share your experience. Thanks in advance!

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