Health Care and Retirement

Considering retiring to the Alicante area.  What are the general public Health services like in the City? 
Are you entitled to an interpreter and if so do they provide one? 
What are your experiences of the health services?

Under the Social 'Security Rights and Obligations' patients are entitled to  be attended in the language which they understand. In practice that is usually a voluntary interpreter if one is available.   I would not rely on that assistance.     

Some doctors and medical staff do speak some English but to be fair,  would it be reasonable for a Spaniard to expect a doctor in the NHS in UK to speak Spanish ?

To be eligible for 'free care' you need DWP to issue a form S1 to say you are so entitled and that they will pay the approx. £3,000 p.a for you,  You can call DWP to check your entitlement.

In general the ‘FREE’ medical care provide is pretty good

Thanks for your reply Johncar,

In Ireland the NHS/HSE has to provide and pay for an interpreter.
Costs a fortune!!
Otherwise how can a person give informed consent for anything?   For example, surgery.
The doctors do not interpret but they insist that the patients have an interpreter so that they are legally covered to practice. 
But I expect in a very large country the bureaucracy wheel grinds very slowly and laws are not always adhered to.

I am 77 so not of the age where I expect everything for free.

Except for the type of service provided by people  like me, as a 100% volunteer, practically nothing is free, it is a question of who pays.

If I go to a country where I need an interpreter I employ one. It’s my problem so it is for me to solve it.

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