I want to learn Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City

hi everyone, I am going to move to Ho Chi Minh City and I really want to learn VIetnamese there. Is there any recommendation for  me about the center?

Thank you very much.

thank you so much,
the information that you give me is very useful for me and I will consider it and contact you soon


You can join our Vietnamese Speaking club every Sunday at 18h30 at High Land Coffee (2nd Floor) - 181 Ham Nghi street, District 1.  We have weekly meeting!


Available any other day or time?


We have meeting on Sunday at 18h30 only.

Noted. Thanks for the response.

I'm Saigonese. Actually, I really want to be friend and teach Vietnamese for foreigners. U can learn basic Vietnamese at the first time and when u know more u can go to Vietnamese club to practice. Contact to me if you want to learn :)

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Here is a Facebook page for you to learn Vietnamese by yourself

Learning Vietnamese by oneself is the silliest idea I've ever heard.  It works for many other languages but not for Vietnamese. 

The twisted way words are pronounced in Vietnamese requires the learner to not just listening but also watching the movements of the lips and throat of a native speaker in order to imitate it.  Then once the learner begins to put words together to create sentences, the meaning of a sentence can be changed with the replacing/omitting of one word.  Without spending a lot of time with a tutor who's willing to explain such nuance and ready to correct mistakes, the learner would end up on these forums asking why Vietnamese do not understand Vietnamese spoken by a foreigner.

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