Finding job from outside Ireland works??

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I am currently based in Malaysia and I am from Pakistan. I am looking for the best way to find job from outside of Ireland. I am applying many jobs from many jobs sites but no one even have responded to my job application. I am looking to get a answer that Finding job from outside Ireland works?? Or someone should be in Ireland then chances of getting job is higher. Looking for guidance and help. Thank you

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Do you have a visa for the country?

Depending on your line of work that is if you don't have a visa the chances are that you won't get anything.

It's always best to be in the country to look so you can attend interviews.

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Currently, I don't have a visa for Ireland and I have some relatives there and they can sponsor me for visit visa. I am in Banking / Finance and Accounting field. Do you think this job field can get job there in Ireland?
Would appreciate, if you could guide over this. Thank you in advance

Hi Harshahzad318, I have the same situation as you, have you found the way? Would appreciate if you could share how you got it. Thanks!

Seems like it's not possible, or very, very hard, even for people from EU.

I wonder if there's some sort of employment agencies we can engage to help us?

I know in Singapore there are headhunters that would keep our CV and actively help us find a job. Sometimes we have to pay, but sometimes they only get payment from the employers.

Don't ever pay them. They get paid when they successfully placed someone and additionally they can also get another lump of money if the candidate passed his probation successfully. Paying for that when you're basically better served by yourself, I would qualify that as a scam lol  ;)

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