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Does anyone have any update information on long term visa requirements?  If so please post here if it's accurate.  It is very difficult to get clear concise valid information on these types of visas.  Mostly long term visa ( 1 year)  I actually went to the Indonesian consulate office in Los Angeles.  I spoke to an immigration official who said and I quote, "the immigration requirements for a long term or retirement visa are very complicated.  At the end he told me I should apply for a one year visa but start with a 60 day visa and renew it a few times.  But he then says a sponsor is required and the sponsor must live in Indonesia and can be an expat legally living there.  He says anyone can be a sponsor long as they go to the immigration office in whatever city and apply.   I was even more confused, but I get it I need a sponsor.  How do I find one?????? … 05#3064882

Post 38 sets out the requirements at the time of posting.
The post was never completed because the person I was asking about became ill so the process was never started.

I understand the sponsor must be an immigration approved agent.

I'm in the process of updating that thread at the moment but it might well take a while.

Hi DIgitarius,

As of my experience, 1 year visa can be issued for person who works in Indonesia ( or for their family) or for person who married Indonesian ( 1 or 5 years visa). In other cases, tourist visa ( 1 month), social visa (2 months) can be applied as well.

Actually it depends on the purpose of your visit. But just for your information that a sponsor will take full responsibility for you during the applied period. So it a bit risky to be a sponsor for a person you dont know.

You can get invitation from Indonesian or expat legally living in Indonesia ( as sponsor) to get social visa ( to visit friends, relatives) and after 2 months extend for 2 months more ( total 4 or 6 months). But to make it for 1 year - a bit complicated (if you dont work here).

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