American family possibly moving to Hyderabad

Hi everyone.

My husband and I, with our 14-year old daughter, are considering moving to Hyderabad.  First, are we crazy?  My sister-in-law thought we were completely nuts to even consider it, but we're pretty adventurous.  I'd always dreamed of living abroad, although truthfully I had envisioned a place like Amsterdam or Sweden, possible Prague or Shanghai, and not the Subcontinent.  😉  Still, I'm game.  I'm not expecting to duplicate my life in the US, but there are certain things we need to keep us sane.

Anyway . . . I think it would be an amazing experience for my daughter, and a good professional opportunity for my husband.  Many things are pretty opaque from here (we haven't taken up with the relo people yet because we're still negotiating.).   The real estate (we want to rent) in particular is baffling.  I'm focused on Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Gachibowli, and Hi Tech City.  (My husband's office would be near the Inorbit Mall I believe.)  Is not having a car realistic?  What public transportation options are there?  Most of the apartments and villas I've found look pretty dreary and tired.  Are there 3 or 4 bedroom places with bathtubs and ovens and sunlight and pools that aren't too expensive?   I don't need a very big place, but I'd like the finish level to be nice.  Maybe up to 75,000 rupees?  I'd like to keep our expenses pretty low, as we're paying US tuition for our other daughter who is in a Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Any info about international high schools would be great.  How much do they cost?  I mean with everything included.  Our 14-year old daughter is in a top public high school here, and this will be a big added expense, so we need a realistic idea of how much we're going to fork over.  12,000 USD?  Any opinions on what school to choose?

Anyway . . . any advice/guidance would be most appreciated. 


Hi Audrey,
Working professional here in Hyderabad. Would love to be of help. Please drop me an email so we can connect on messenger.***

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