Experience of Sri Lankans living in the UK

Hello, I have a Sri Lankan friend considering moving to work in the UK, I'd like to hear from other Sri Lankans about their experiences of living and working in the UK, particularly those based in England. I am Scottish living in France, I'm doing this research to help him. His English is quite good, but he doesn't know where to start with this process, and neither do I! He's presently working in South Korea.


Welcome on board.

Your friend should read the Living in England guide to find out all he needs to know to relocate, live and work in England.

Best of luck.



Great, thanks very much Sarvesh  :)

You are putting the cart before the horses. You should be asking if he is eligible for a visa.

yes in fact, I'm asking if he is eligible for a visa!! He is single, by the way.

At no point do you state the object is to understand the visa system for Sri Lankans.

As I understand it a sri lankan must have a job offer before they can live in the UK.  They are not allowed to visit the UK with the object of finding employment. They can apply for  jobs, but there is a list of jobs that they are allowed to apply for...if the person is a medical doctor they have a good chance, even a nurse has a chance, a technical computer specialist could have a chance... there's a list somewhere.

yes I've got the list, thanks,

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