Rules on renting in France.

We found a very suitable place to rent (Lower Nomrandy)  while we explore and decide on the right property in the right location to buy only to find that we cannot rent as teh pension does not meet the 3x rule. It seems no matter how much you have capital sat in the bank unless the it can generate enough interest to make up the difference then one cannot rent in France. Our only income at present is the single old age pension in the UK which of course is no where near the 1500+ Euros required to meet this rule.

        So as a  result we have to find another place to rent while we search for the "right" place. The nephew has been looking at Bulgaria for some time so we decided to take a look on the web and are quite taken with what we have found out so are trying to find a place their so we can have an extended break/holiday and explore a bit. Mother has only even left the UK twice on day trips to France so this will be an adventure for us and if we like Bulgaria then perhaps we shall relocate there instead of France.

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