Starting working in Seoul - Sept 2017

Hi everyone! 

I am from Sweden and will most probably start working at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) in September this year.

I am from Sweden and have a background as a university teacher and researcher in political science at Uppsala University, Sweden. My research focus for the last 15-20 years has been Chinese politics and I speak fluent Chinese. I like meeting new people, travelling, Asian food and photography. Hope to get to know some of you when I arrive in Seoul. / Take care! Mattias

Hello Mattias,

Wishing you a good transition to Seoul.  I moved here early this year from France, originally from the United States.



Hello Blanka,

Nice to hear from you. I am completely new to using, so it was nice to get an early response. So thank you! :)  I am still waiting for the results of my recruitment decision - so I will soon know when I will start working. My best guess is in the beginning of September. I hope that you are liking your new life in Seoul.

Best wishes,


Hello again,

I hope that you are doing fine in Seoul. I finally got my employment contract and now applying for long-term visa in South Korea. I will arrive in Seoul in the end of August and start working 1 September. If you are still there and have time for a meeting over coffee or lunch it would be nice.

Best wishes, Mattias

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