Mobily National ID/Iqama

Hi All,

Just landed in Riyadh and purchased a Mobily Sim at the airport.

Trying to recharge it with some additional money but it's asking for a national ID or Iqama.

I'm here on a business visa so have neither. So it's asking for my national ID or Iqama on the Mobily app. So I have tried every possible number on my visa and passport but apparently it doesn't match what is in their system.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

hello sir
good morning ,
you can  cot fill  the balance  ,
but you can go to near offiec STC if the operator STC

greeting for you


You should go to Mobily office with your passport.

Then you can get best answer from there


While purchasing Mobily sim in airport, they would have given the bill and there u can find the I'd number to top up

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