Canadian Dental Hygienist looking to work in Barbados


I'm a Registered Dental Hygienist from Ontario, Canada looking to see if it's possible to work in Barbados as a hygienist.  I don't know what steps are required to move there and find out how to become registered.  I come from a non-accredited school and don't know if I would qualify to work there or not.  I also have two children that would come along with me and need to know about schooling as well.  Can anyone lead me to where to start?

Hello, you're in luck  -  it is legendary that the two professions that tend to hzve no problems getting work permits here are quantity surveyors and dental hygeinists.

Not an expert on the latter, but I would think getting a copy of the dental practices on the island and writing speculative letters would yield a positive outcome.

There is the tvetcouncil - they approve vocational qualifications used on the isls0and, so if you have doubts on your qualifications checking with them eould likely be a good first stop.

On schools, once you are working and a tax payer the excellent education system here would be open to your children

Thanks so much! I will definitely be looking into tevet council. Hopefully it's not as hard as I think it would be.

tvetcouncil - they are the ones who determine if an overseas qualification is good fir use here.


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