Applying for expat tax in Belgium

Dear all,

I am curious if anyone has experience of filing expat status for tax reduction in Belgium.

My condition:

One-year contract with possibility of extension.
Partner residing in a foreign country (other than Belgium).

Any experiences/suggestions are welcome. Thank you!!

Hi ,

Your employer needs to initiate the process for accuiring expat tax status and this should be done within 6 months from your date of joining the company.

However there are certain conditions which should be met :

1Your employer should be part of a global group .
2. You should have been directly hired from abroad

I work for a federal research institute. I read a document provided by, stating research personnel may qualify. Is anyone in this position?



Hi guys,

I'm based in the UK and have been offered a new job in Belgium. I believe that I qualify for the expat tax status, but the employer is suggesting they employ me directly in Belgium using a sister company established there, which can take care of payroll.

I'm concerned this may affect my eligibility for the expat tax status - shouldn't I be employed by the London-based company and then "posted" to Belgium?

Thanks for your help.

As you are an EU Citizen you wilöl be employed as (EU)  Belgium Citizen so will pay their taxes.

A company which is part of a bigger international group can request for a special expat tax status for an individual. However since you are EU national , the special expat tax status might not be applicable for you.



I think it might be applicable for you. however double check with hr

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