Entering Brazil pregnant; is customs suspicious about this?

Hi all,

I am considering giving birth in Brazil for immigration purposes.
Now this seems to be a pretty popular move to make.
I would be entering Brazil over land (coming from Argentina, Uruguay or Bolivia) and will then be 36 weeks pregnant.
Is customs strict or suspicious about pregnant women entering the country?? I have a Dutch pasport.

Thanks for your help in advance!

So far Brazil immigrations has not started being strict about pregnant women entering the country.

Specially considering the fact that you will be receiving a visa on arrival I don't foresee any issues happening.

However some of the Brazilian embassies around the world are now making it compulsory for women to give a blood test prior to processing there visa application in order to ensure that the visa is not given to anyone who has the intent of delivering there baby in Brazil and to take advantage of the Brazilian laws.

Good luck and do keep us posted on what happens.

Many do it. I doubt there will be problems.


Thank you for your responses! That sounds promising ;)

My wife came to Brazil in week 36 as well ,, we arrived in Rio without any issue

Thanks Bob!

Can you please let us know how everything works out in the end... thank you

simply no issue. whether it is by air or land. what i believe entering by land is much easier then by air because by land specially by Paraguay, no one ask you anything. You can find video on youtube, how people enter in brazil from frindship bridge between Paraguay and Brazil. How easy it is.

Even getting residency is not a big deal. Get your document done from your home country before entering so that you dont find any difficulty apply for  residency in Brazil.

Best of Luck,

[link moderated]! You shouldn't have any problems... the only problems I have ever encountered are with people having their visas denied at the Brazilian embassy in their home country.

I just wanted to get back on this topic, and say that it was indeed no problem at all entering Brazil pregnant. I arrived being almost 36 weeks, arriving in Florianopolis. They did not ask or say anything about my obvious bump :)

As you mentioned few months ago you was planing to enter brazil for birth purpose..
Can I just know how was it
I'm planing to have a my baby there within weeks
Thank you

Please let me know how it goes with you, because I'm also planning to travel and give birth there. Thank you

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