Maths Teaching Jobs in Adelaide


I'm a maths teacher, currently with 3 years experience, from England.

I'm thinking of moving to Adelaide to be close to my family who emigrated to Adelaide approx 13 years ago. I'm wondering what the job prospects are like for high school maths teachers in Adelaide and whether the renumeration packages are desirable.

I've heard it's almost impossible to get a permanent job and that most contracts are short term. I've got to be honest, I don't find the prospect of looking for a new job every year too appealing! I'd really appreciate some some advice/input based on your experiences if you happen to be in the same profession.

Look forward to hearing from you!


there are plenty jobs of cleaning; cooking; waiters; house keeping; child care; age care and security jobs and last coffee making jobs.

Maths... Uh.... so hard for  ...all the best. need any help let me know.

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