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I'm moving from Florida to Phnom Penh this month. I want to ship some items that I may not be able to bring by air. Does anyone have an idea of what to expect as far as receiving fees in Cambodia? It will be a couple hundred pounds. Also, any good experiences with an international shipping company would be helpful too!



I think that DHL is one of the best international shippers. Itmight be also the way to ensure things get delivered in Cambodia. The prices are about the same as FedEx. They can insure your packages for you as well so if something is lost or damaged you can file a claim.
One thing that is a bit curious that you need to know--DHL may require a postal code to ship.  Well, Cambodia has postal codes, but they are still a work in progress.  So PHN is what you can use for the Cambodia postal code. You might also check up here, here are the postal codes of almost all countries of the world. Hope it helps :)

thanks it helps to hear from someone who maybe has done so before!

Well I wish I could be more encouraging, but in the 5 years I have lived in Cambodia, I have learned that the "Postal Service" is COMPLETELY bogus.  Even if you use their "express and guaranteed" service (that's $35 for a letter to the USA) the item STILL may not arrive.  I have resorted to using DHL for EVERYTHING (comin'or goin'). That includes items <1 kg up to a sewing machine I sent here.  The former costs me $67 if I send them to virtually anywhere in the USA (I should add that if I sent the SAME items to Cambodia from the USA via DHL it would cost $130).  As an example of something heavy, I'll tell you that the sewing machine cost me roughly $1,200 [it's a Juki and a good price] to BUY, then it cost $700 to ship it here via DHL PLUS!!! $400 in Cambodian Customs taxes.  Cambodia's Customs Tax fees are OUTRAGEOUS!  At one time I considered shipping (via container ship) a car I owned in the USA and the Customs Fees would have been MORE than the vehicle was worth when I bought it!!!  MORE!

I know this is kind of a hodgepodge and I apologize.  The point I am making is that you have to be prepared for the shock you may encounter when you want to ship stuff here, but it's worth it in my opinion.  There was even a question as to whether I COULD ship a sewing machine to this country.  You CAN check with your shipper about possible problems with some of the items you'd like to ship, so do that. If your pockets are deep or your employer is funding your move, hey, no problem.  If you have to do it on your own and you're not wealthy, then do some'll pay off, in my opinion.  Go with a private carrier if you want to be SURE you get your stuff HERE!!!

I hope this has helped a little.  Good luck on your move.

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