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Good morning everyone.
We are new in this website.  Let's introduced our self: We are in middle 50th couple. Last 5 years we bought a piece of land in Colon to prepare our future retirement in a peaceful rural areas and do some charity things through the church and hospital. So far so good with the land with Escritura and Lawer and Taxes every years with the city hall.
Last year we had a budget to build fences all around at 2.5 meters height with the permit of city hall.  We made a contract with the famous contractor Canadian-Honduran well known in both countries.  (The name of company, we prefer not mention for now).
The job supposed to be finished in September 2016. Until now, June 2017, just a few blocks of cement raise up...with the reasons of having lots of rain... and not answer our call.  We have interested in this company and we said: if they doing good job then the next step to build the guest house with them will follow...
How could we trust them again!  When in their dictionary: Yesterday mean tomorrow.  Today mean next week. Tomorrow (mañana) mean .....???
In the Internet generation we can not hiding behind the truth.  Can't say raining when we can see Weather Network. Can't say no phone when we see last time you call or online.  Can't say nice when we can see the job not done by satellite... The ways to make business now is not the old 50th years ago.  Your name and your company name is everywhere with your reputation follow.

Sorry for the subjects, not happy for some expats, but we have to say the truth and we need to hear your opinion  constructive.

We can't do charities when people lie to us.
Lee family.

Hi, I bought in Roatan and hoped to start a business there.  I was ready to move forward and find my niche on the island only to be stopped by "professionals" who transacted the same deal.  To avoid my misfortunes, feel free to email me at *** with any questions and sharing of my story as I especially do not want this demise to happen to any other single women out there who entrust the people you hire.  God Bless and remember, there's a scam around every corner.  This site will not allow me to tell specifics.

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It is unfortunate but quite common in Honduras.

One needs to always be there when work is being done for you. First, to be sure it is getting
completed and second to be sure it is being done correctly.

Never pay for work in advance of completion. Pay as work percentage is completed. Always best to separate labor from materials and pay for materials directly to provider. They will try and
add if they think you are not watching and checking.

If its a large project make a contract spelling out as much as possible that is critical.
Talk to others to find someone they used and would recommend.

We have all been there so mark it down as a learning experience.

Welcome to Honduras and how they do things.  Good advice from previous posts.  I too am in the process of developing property which I bought and I learned that the best thing to do is physically be there when any type of construction is being done.  You will be ripped off if you are not there.  Many of the people who do construction cannot read or write so providing a plan is useless.  Do not pay in advance for any work. You will get ripped off.  Do not give second chances, You will get ripped off a second time.  The legal system in Honduras sucks so trying to recoup money is a waste of time and more money.  Your better off hanging on to your money and scheduling work so that it is done when your able to spend some time there.  By the way, I recommend a 3 meter wall minimum. Good Luck!

I am a tax auditor, you can write to my mail, and I can help you.


Thank you Hondurasron and Nelson G. for your advices.
They're running now to finish the job. (Quality not assured? but better than nothing!) We were in Honduras last 2 weeks and gave them the final letter from our lawyer with a deadline. Before we get angry and poste bad reviews on their name everywhere to websites in Canada or in Honduras.
We will have some updates in the end of this month.

NelsonG: the city in my place allow only 2.5m
height maximum with opening for view at 1.25m.

When the walls and gates finished. The following steps we plan to build house with CONTAINERS.

Easy,  fast, secure and flexibility from earthquake. We have a beautiful design but simple to make.
Does anyone know if we can easily buy containers in LaCeiba or nearby?  And some contractors experienced on house containers?
Thank you for your reply.

Most of the cases I know is a Canadian or American scamming other American, that is the case here again.  Most of the problem with you guys is that you do not speak Spanish.  How do you think local banks here give loans to purchase a property and build a house?  with certified builders, civil engineers and architects and a supervision from the engineer from the bank.  There must be a written contract with a budget and all the details of the house including the blueprints, etc. and the construction is done usually in four or five payments. Look for certified builders that do business with the local banks and as you would do in America or Canada, do not trust anybody. 

  Most developers in Trujillo (Canadians) take two years to build a house, a certified builder in La Ceiba would take 3 to 4 months for a lot less. is one company that build offices and houses out of containers.  They are located in the port city of Puerto Cortes, close to San Pedro Sula.

     Main problems with containers close to the beach are rust, a lot of maintenance, insulation, and the look. Containers may be cheap, but, modified containers are not.

Yes you are correct as the maintanence of a shipping container home even remotely close to the beach would be a large chore. One would abesolutely (at the bare minimum) coat the entire container with elastomeric (inside and out) or epoxy. Still... there will be corrosion. The cost of reinforced concrete construction is the way to go along the beach.

Thank you Christ and Cesar for your advices.  The design of the house originally from concrete. But the ways they build for years we can't handle it any more.
Containers is best option for retirement home 6 months here 6 months there;  just lock the doors then go.  No windows no glass no worries for theft or fire or earthquake or hurricane.   But I'm not sure if the city will accept it. We must to see them next time with our blue print.
Containers use better steel for sea water transportation by boats.  If it give me 20 years is toff ; and the design we don't see much the walls boxes because all be connected and all opening for fresh natural air.
In hot countries like Philippines and Vietnam they have many beautiful design from 2 containers to 26 containers like villas. .. our is only 6 boxes of 20fts but it's really nice.
We plan to do (with local labors) the jobs on our time available. Step by step.  If not finish, then just lock the doors and fly. Back again next vacations.
Sadly because your guys are in La Ceiba then no hope to have time back and forth every days for Colon. 

Sorry Christ last time we missed your appointment because time to make simcart in Claro shop and appointment with my lawyer so no more time to visit your resort.

But first able the walls and gates must be completed by the end of this month by our famous company X. ...
We will see next...

Don't know of any local container builder but I can say that I've personally seen many container homes offices etc. and if built correctly you would not even know that they were once conex boxes.  The only advice I have to give is to make sure that they use some type of soy based insulation or you risk the possibility of mold.  Good Luck

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