looking for real eatate broker

im intend to buy a appartment in athens and seeking a recommended and hounest real estate atorrney and real estate broker in Athens
can someone recommend me?

Hi Ronlmcpd,

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Till members provide you some feeback, i would suggest you inquire from the professionals recommended in the Real estate in Athens section of the business directory.

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Thanks alot Bhavna ill do that..... meanwhile will wait fir others reply

Hello,this is a good time to buy as prices are now leveling off and we probably wont see them going lower,instead they may start to rise.If you go on line for Athens real estate agents you will see many,you will have to pay their fee of course so it might be better for you to buy privately,it depends on your finances,the paper..Chrisi Efkaria.. has lots of private sellers,view this on line.You will need a Symvoliographo which is like a solicitor and a lawyer at the end but the Symvolio will give you instructions.Go first to the Symvolio.I guess you are aware of various matters when buying property here like the extras that you may incur when buying a apartment in a block,I mean financial matters which may not be explained properly to you beforehand.The Greek governments have as yet to finish the land registry so your Symvolio will search very carefully your prospective buy,also a new law states that every house,apartment etc.. must now have a property certificate,(your seller must get this done,) to which a Mechanikos will do most of the work for a fee of course,also when selling a property an Energy Performance Certicate must be produced by the seller,but as I said your Symvoliographo will check all the necessary papers required,buying will take time as checking legality and no outstanding debts on the real estate such as Enfia and bank loans must be ascertained.Depending on your pocket you may prefer to buy a small house in an area just outside of central Athens near a metro,I have seen on line some cute small houses around Egaleo where I am for very reasonable prices,all reduced of course,then you will never have to pay add- ons like THE LIFT which always goes wrong plus other bills on blocks.Anyways good luck with your buy,if you need any more advice please just ask.

hello concertina
first of all thanks for the elaborated reply - i appreciate that!
Do you know in which neiborhoods i should look at, when i come to invest in Athens? which are considered good? which considered that has great potential? and which i should "dont touch"?
Do you know a good lawyer? real estate agent? although i need to pay fee for real estate agent for me as foreigner i think its better.  from what else should i be aware?
Best Ron

Hello Ron,what you buy will depend on what you want to do with it,if its for renting then near the Acropolis,Plaka,Lycavitos Hill,I saw some nice good price ones on line on this famous hill,lovely artistic inside with lots of character and cheapish price.Perhaps you want to rent on AirB&B.You will need a tax number to buy and you will have to declare every year,fill in tax returns for an accountant,but thats OK,you will have a Taxis net account personal to you and codes to access on line, this is so you can see what your account requires you to pay each year which is just your property tax but you will have to pay tax on any rent you gain.You must remember that if you buy property here it will always be rather difficult to sell again there is so much for sale and few buyers,bear this in mind.If you go to property agents in Athens then just scroll down all that they have for sale,you can look inside each one,read the details,the add-ons wont be mentioned of course.I quite like Pireas down by the harbor,easy for ferry boats off to Islands,nice views.Last septemberish my husband and I drove down into Athens around the Acropolis,Plaka on the central roads,we had the windows open,well we nearly died from the traffic fumes,pollution,our eyes were running like crying,noses hurting and throats raw,we were in a panic to get away I couldnt live down there,an apartment for renting or for short holidays yer but not full time.All those posh suburbs are also full of traffic and sometimes a bit difficult for getting in and out of the center,Im ten mins on the metro,next to a park where now they have on a garden plants festival with a cafe set up,lovely,no violence here,two metros to choose from..Agia marina or Egaleo.You just go on line for the property agents and view what they have,you must decide which area you want,I actually hate most of the surrounding suburbs of Athens,Hithari is nice,Keramikos was interesting,arty,lots of theatres,great buzzy place,no green.We can help you with a Symvolio if you want,do you speak Greek?Careful of property agents,they will empty your bank account if they can,rob you blind,be careful that you buy with columns because of quakes,several are forecasted for the near future for Greece,dont be in a rush,take it easy,mind your money,Im here if you need help.The poor areas around Pireas are to be avoided,Keratsini,Perama,they are home to Golden Dawn far right types,Omonia is to be avoided completely.

Hello concertina
1. first i want to thank you for the elaborate answer - you dont imagine how i appreciate it!!! is there any way that i can chat with you privately? (whatsup? facebook?)
2. i loved your recommendations and im on your list!
3. Do you know any reliable lawyer? real estate broker? i mean reliable, over the internet you clap hands you catch 1000 :) but to find reliable one its another story ?

im going to chase the options which you gave me


Hi Ron, Did you buy appartment already? Im in process with Central right now if you still need any tips ;)

Hi sabina
You wrote me in perfact tining
Im traveling to athens at 17/10 can u mail me privately? ***

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Hi everyone,
I bought a house in Nea Smyrni and i hired Jenny *** for all my legal matter. Strongly recommend  her.  check out her web site.  [link moderated]
If you need my real estate broker send me a message.

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