Migration service scam.

My experience with a migration service.
I have posted this on a social media in Australia, and all feed back was supportive in the way that this service has scammed others as well.

I am wanting to express my experience with *** . Maybe other people have had good experience with this migration service, so if so I respect your experience. However,’ I think I need to let people know my experience so they are fully aware.
About 3 months ago I contacted *** about a quote for a partner visa. Everything was great and the price was ok, Around $11.000.
I had to put a $2000-dollar deposit, that was fine.
In this 3-month process I become aware of my partner being not so truthful, so I needed to not proceed with my visa, and it was disappointing.
Now *** would reply every time quite quick. Once I expressed I can no longer continue, they started to not return my emails for a few days, seemed odd, giving my experience.
I asked *** can I have a refund and he quoted “Lukas. I just haven’t done anything yet. Could you please let me know your banking details”? So, this was fine I expected to have a full refund because nothing has been done at this point, no process or time had been put into my case because we were not ready.
So, I checked my bank and *** had taken nearly $1000.00 and never said nothing. I responded and ask why, they responded with “No mistake. If a client withdraws from the contract, we invoice them for services provided. And we refund the balance from our Client Account “. I never had any service completed, I received a few emails and hadn’t even started my application yet, I had asked *** to wait till we are ready, it was agreed.
Maybe I’m missing a point here but I believe being charged close to a $1000 dollar for no service is very tricky and cunning.
I have priced a tourist visa application with other migration services and its only around $900.00 for the application and services provided, so my charge for no work seems very wrong.
When I said ill being letting other people from my country and the Philippines know about my experience, he replied with this - Be very careful about what you post. I expressed that it’s a bully tactic to keep me quiet.
If I’ve missed the point, I’m open to feedback. However, I don’t want anyone to be charged or have a not so good experience like myself.
I have accepted I will not get my money back, and have learnt for future dealings.
Thank you

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