New members of the USA forum, introduce yourselves here – June to December 2017

I' m a canadian citizen, I'm working with a US citizen on a food company bussiness and I'm still leaving in Canada, I'm looking to move to the States, but I need job and a work permit to be able to survive during the process of making the company on track. I'm a chef cook, i'm developping my own recipes and seasoning, I have hight skill in cooking, and I have the qualifying certificate in food protection from the new york city departement of health and mental hygiene.

Kinds Regard,

Marie-géralde Rivière

Hello, check Ines Chattas in FB she owns a Open Kitchen and is looking for a cook - Miami.

Good luck ! Mariana Iurcovich

Hello everyone!! My name is Juan and I am from Venezuela, I have been living in Georgia, more specifically Atlanta area for about 4 years now. Is an amazing city and the people are warm and polite.

My expectation is making a strong networking

My name is Michael Carmen and I am a Journalist specializes in Social Media Marketing. Some of my relatives are living in California and New York, so it makes sense if ever I get the chance to visit in the future.

Hey Everyone,

My name is Yaz, I am 25 years old from Glasgow, Scotland but now living on Long Island, in New York. My husband is a US Citizen, so I came over on a K1 Fiance Visa, we got married on September 9th 2017 and I'm now waiting for my green card to process.

Due to being unable to work right now, I am blogging full time! If anyone is immigrating to the US through a similar route, you may find my blog helpful.

Always interested in speaking to people in a similar situation/area or to anyone who's looking for a bit of advice!

Yaz :)

Welcome and congrats on the green card

Bob K

Hello from USA!

Why not tell  us a bit more about yourself?

Bob K

I am Ethiopian with BA in procurement and Supplies Management and MBA with about 23 years Logistics services.

I want to work abroad .

hi  ;)

Hi does not cut it.  THis is a thread for introductions so why not introduce yourself?

Bob K

I am Ethiopian having long year INGO Logistics Experience,BA and MBA holder.

Hope it works out for u...
So if u dont mnd me asking are u working in rhe US and live in canada...
Just from florida

Dear ADNIKE73,

I am in Ethiopia and want to relocate in USA or Canada if I can get job.I  need job offer.

Best Regards
Birhanu Atomsa

Hi everyone, my name is Sophie. I'm a German student (about to graduate soon though) and I'm planning on living and working the in Los Angeles once I'm finished with school. Explaining my whole story on here would take way too long but feel free to message me if you wanna chat or hear more!
I just joined today so I'm trying to find my way around :)

Welcome.  Are you moving to LA for a job?

Bob K

Thanks for contacting me Julien.
I lived abroad before and may try it again.  I am 68 years old retired man and free to do as I will.
I joined this dating site (Victoria Hearts) 'for free' in Ukraine because I think the women there are very beautiful ... and the culture is different than in USA.... 
I love Southern Portugal and Southern Spain and the airfare to Ukraine from Spain is reasonable - around $250.00 RT.
Anyway I found this 60 year old woman on the site.  She kept mailing me and I finally responded.  We started chatting and we would like to become pen-pals - but the site blocks all contact info.  The site only cares about:  one spending lots of money, more money and more money.  The site has already ripped me off - taking a way credits ... and there is nothing I can do, and I do not care....
I would like to find an American Expat living in Kharkiv, Ukraine hoping that he/she can get me in touch with this woman who lives in Kharkiv.
Maybe you or someone else can assist. I will gladly pay for the assistance.
It would be greatly appreciated.
Harold Olsen

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hi shyk am tanzanian looking forward to meet anyone from abroad esp in USA

Hi, there,
My name is Isack Masele  am come from Tanzania  27 Years old also a graduate university taking a bachelor degree in Hospitality and Tourism management,  am still   not employed but am doing internship at Tanzania Tourist Board as a Cultural tourism Coordinator, my plan to come in USA is to get Master degree concerning Leisure and travel. Am looking to people who they can help me to get there to study.
    Am looking forward to receive good responses from you as soon as possible.
Best Regards
Isack masele

Hey Lauren,

I'm from Scotland, now living in New York! When are you planning on moving over here? :)


I just moved to Philadelphia 2 months ago. I am a 27 year old French girl. I am new to the city and would love to get expat tips/advice about Philadelphia, meet new people, and share experiences about moving here.
Feel free to check out my profile and message me if you want to chat :)

Welcome and good luck to you

Bob K



Bob K

Bob K :


Bob K

Thank you

Hello Yankette,
In case you have children, I recommend that you look at the school district that you are in.
Summerlin area has good schools and a lot of gated communities for better securities.

Hi I'm new here, Im 27 currently living in the UK working as a Computer Aided Draughtsman, I want to hopefully move to Minnesota to be closer to a very good friend, and to hopefully start a new life for myself, to hopefully be a new improved me.

Hi! My name is Marcos and I work for a seafood wholesale business in the USA that has an office in Spain, so I'm learning Spanish thanks to that  :)

Hello everyone  :)

I moved to Orlando, Florida about 4 months ago under the K1 Visa. I am still waiting for my Employment Authorisation which I am hoping is coming in the mail any day now!

I am always looking to make new friends and contacts here so if you're in the area hit me up! I miss New Zealand a lot but i am enjoying the sunshine here.

Welcome and good luck in your new job.  You will love the Orlando area
Bob K

Hello everyone, I am Srinu vasu just joined today and new to this forum. I hope I could learn great things here.

I read that you lived in Vietnam and am hoping that you might be able to help me.   I am looking for textile manufactures in Vietnam so as to import into the US.  Do you know anyone there that can help me source and negotiate pricing?

Hey Everyone :)

Clement from Singapore here. I am in the midst of a K1 application with my fiancee, looking to be in the Bay Area in the next year.

I am always up to meet new people and make meaningful contacts, or just to be helpful.

Hope you all are having a great holiday season!

NextStopCalifornia :

Hey Everyone :)

Clement from Singapore here. I am in the midst of a K1 application with my fiancee, looking to be in the Bay Area in the next year.

I am always up to meet new people and make meaningful contacts, or just to be helpful.

Hope you all are having a great holiday season!

Best of luck to you and your fiancé.


I just joined this platform today, I am from Nigeria but currently in Boston on vacation and I am thinking of relocation to the US, I am have a PGDE, MA and BA. I also speak both English and French.

Any leads or advice would be very helpful


It's the new year 2018 but thought I could just introduce myself here. I come from South Korea, married an American man and just moved to Boston. I have a small handmade jewellery store and I'm trying to adapt to new life in the USA. I hope to get help from all of you, lovely people  :)

Emma welcome
Bob K

Thanks.. I am in Los Angeles via a lifetime in NYC born and bred. i have been actor a writer a teacher and now I cover classes in Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District where I also created and run  2 summer classes for the PTA of SMMUSD. It's  the Summer Adventure Program,  The classes are film and theater games relate. I am looking for a nice ex pat community somewhere in Mexico ( maybe Rosarita Beach. Puerta Vallarta Oaxaca) because I can never afford to retire in America. Anyone familiar with Rosarita Beach ex pat community? I am interested in finding out the cost of renting a studio, or one or two bedroom apartment. I know it's far less than Venice CA. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Hello everyone...
I am currently trying to figure out in which should I even think about relocating somewhere else and what the circumstances should be.
Out of all possible options I decided to see Detroit years ago and the whole experience has changed me a lot. I've met a lot of nice people and we stayed connected...
I just feel like it is the right and logical next step to make.
For many years already I have a vague vision of making such move and changing the environment. Now I came to the point where I think the time is finally ripe to begin with tiny little steps and gradually make the transition happen.

I am a new expert academic writer from Australia.
Kindly reach me for questions and discussions regarding academic research work.

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