New members of the Turkey forum, introduce yourselves here – June to December 2017

Heey nice to meet you.  :cheers:
I am Mihretab from Ankara, been here for one year.
I am Ethiopian, studying Social Research at Hacettepe University.  A passenger with great zeal to meet people, share the light and travel. Love and Light to you all  :heart:

I like adventure. Meeting new people and ofcourse have a zeal of learning new things

Hey, I am sumith from Sri Lanka, Studying Master and METU in Ankara.

Hello i am  grom Lebanon. . Working and living in Qatar since 2012.. i used to go to Turkey every year in winter.. i like Istanbul and the culture there. As they said if you go to istanbul you will be back again several times and this what happened with me:)
I would like to know more Turkish poeple and im thinking to move there if i could find an opportunity  to live there.

Hi Lisa. My name is Ipek. I’m Turkish-American who’s been living in Istanbul for the past 5 years. … chers.html
Thanks! Hope to meet you!

Hi All..

My name is Hanna, İndonesian. İ have been here since a month ago, lives in Esenyurt area.

hi Hanna,I'm omer,lives in bursa,I'm an english teacher.Regards

Hello everyone and welcome on board  :)

For info, this thread is exclusively reserved for the introduction of members. If you wish to offer a job or if you are looking for one, please refer to the dedicated section of the website : Jobs in Turkey by posting your ads.

Thank you in advance,

Hello everybody !
I'm from morocco and looking for a new job opportunity in Istanbul.
I'm a senior communications officer and I have more than 6 yeas experience in lot of fields (cabling, electrical equipments, fertilizers, agriculture).
I speak french, english and arabic.
I have a masters degree in project management and i'm looking for an international experience in Turkey especially.
Need your help :)

Hi everybody I am from England, we have had an apartment in Alanya for ten years, not at retirement age sadly but my hubby and I are looking for work in the near future, he works in construction, has psv and hgv for driving, paints, handyman etc.
I am looking for anything, don't mind cleaning, can do office work, bar work whatever.
Need to make. Break before we get too old 😊

Hi, am Isaac from Ghana. I have got a job has a teacher in Ankara. I want to be sure am dealing with right person before going ahead to commit myself. thanks.

I'm an Egyptian person who is living in Istanbul from several months
I hope to meet a friend whom speaks Turkish language to learn from
Also speaks English to maintain my English fluency
Hopping to know about you soon

If they are offering you a work permit and a signed contract, sure. Else, run like hell.

Hi there

We are a small family located near Perth, Western Australia.

I have a Turkish heritage. My great great grandfather was Turkish probably form Gaziantep. I have a special interest in lineage, and hope that one day I will be able to trace my origin through the records in Turkey.

We plan to retire in Turkey after our son finishes his education in about a year and half. We have some good Turkish friends in Perth, and started to study about Turkey and its regions.

I visited Antalya for two weeks more than 20 years ago so I cannot really claim to have first hand experience visiting Turkey. We like what we heard about Bursa but are concerned it might be too cold for us. Our Turkish friends have a property in Fethiye and told us a lot of good things about it but we are not really looking for a tourist town. I think maybe a nice village or a small town close to the Mediterranean would be a nice place for us.

We have been living on a small hobby farm in Australia for the past 13 years. Of course, as we progress to retirement, we will down size so that we will spend more time looking after ourselves and health than working on and maintaining the land. We think a house on half an acre (2000 m2) will be ideal for us. We hope to be able to bring our dogs with us. We have one of the most loving Central Asia Shepherd dogs who is four and half years old. The best dog we have ever had, and we had many dogs over the years.

We welcome any comments, feedback or ideas about places in Turkey that you may think to be suitable for us. I think when we have a chance we will be visiting Turkey but we don't know when at this stage. I think the best course of action is to come to Turkey and live there for a few month, rent a car and explore ...

Well, last but not least, thank you for your time and for reading our introduction, and we look forward to hearing from you.

All the best ...

Hello everyone!

I am a 26 years old interior architect & designer, Living & working in istanbul since 2 years.

I like to go out and discover new places and attend events & concerts but unfortunately I am living alone and I know only my work colleagues (Most of them are older than me) so I am really looking forward to meet new foreign friends here in istanbul.

I like arts, photography, music, travelling and many other activities. Also I love to go to parties on saturdays :D

I am learning russian by myself so it will be nice if I meet someone native russian :)

I speak Arabic, English, Turkish and basic Russian.

Nice to meet you all :)

Greetings from Morocco

my name is hakim 29 years old , currently living in Sahara would like to move to Turkey sooner . anyone could help me find job in tourism company .

Best Regards

Hi I am Zed,
I am hoping to spend more time in Antalya. I am looking for accommodation near Lara area. A two bedroom apartment  preferably to purchase. If you know of any good places /websites to search ,please let me know.


My name is Sahar from Iran. I am English Translator/editor and Interpreter and got my M.A in Translation studies. I'd like to move to Istanbul to further education and get my second M.A (Conference Interpreting), actually, it's on the process and takes a few months to move there, but before that, I wanna get some information about working status related to my degree and find a good job as a freelance or temporary translator.

Nice to meet u here dear
I'd be glad to get your help and guidance.

Hi, this is Rami, biomedical engineer, graduated from jordan on 2013. I have 4 years work experience.
I will start my MBA program next month in Istanbul and I'm looking for part time job.

Hi, My name is Mustafa Omar from Somalia  currently living in Bursa. I have an international experiences of Worked humanitarian, Business and teaching sectors looking Job such as business consulting, marketing, customer care, events planing, translations and English teaching. Fluently i speak Turkish, English, Arabic and Somali as mother tongue.  Also looking new friends don't hesitate to contact me. Best Regards,

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